Zac & Delaney’s Summer Wedding

Zac & Delaney’s summer wedding is full of sunshine, smiles & simplicity. Beautiful moments were shared together all throughout the day starting with their first look which allowed them to read notes to each other in privacy so they could really take it all in. The ceremony was held in a beautiful open field, the shadows of mountains off in the distance with a wooden beam arch adorned in two simple floral arrangements made for a beautiful backdrop as Zac & Delaney took their vows surrounded by the people they love!

How did you two meet?

We have known each other since we were kids. Zac moved to our small town of Etna when he was in 3rd grade and I was in second. We sat next to each other in Geometry when I was a sophomore and Zac was a junior. He asked me to be his partner in a group project and the rest was history. Our first impression is hard because we have known each other so long.

Do you have a funny story from your wedding day? 

There had been a few times in in our relationship where I have had to tell Zac to tone it down. I look over while I am dancing on our wedding night to see Zac on our head table with the garland around his neck like a scarf and flossing between his legs. This was one of those times I had to tone him down.

What’s a hurdle you had to overcome in your relationship or wedding day planning? 

Getting married to your high school sweetheart isn’t always easy. Zac and I grew up together. We had to be apart a lot to grow and follow our dreams. I have spent a lot of time without Zac in the summer while he’s out fighting fire. He had to spend a lot of time alone while I studied my way through nursing school and working nights. But, we always supported each other and made it through.

Any special ways you incorporated family into your wedding day? 

Zac and I got married on my family’s ranch. It was so special to share our love with all our family and friend on our 3rd generation ranch. There was no other place that we would have chosen as our venue. My grandparents used to hold line dances in the same barn that we had our reception in many years ago.

What was the most important part of your wedding day to you? 

The most important part of our wedding day was out first look. Zac and I read our personal vows to each other and it was a very emotional and special moment. We are also so grateful for the amazing time we had with all our family and friends. We still have people come up to us and tell us how fun our wedding was. That meant so much to us.

What is the best thing you’ve learned from each other? 

I have learned from Zac what hard work and determination looks like. He works so hard to be the best person that he can be and it is truly inspiring. He encourages me to keep going and pursue my dreams along side him.

Zac- The best thing I have learned from Delaney is how special it is to have important people in life. Delaney has showed me how important it is to have friends and family that support you. Life means so much more when you have an amazing wife, supportive family, and friends. Materialistic things don’t matter when you have those people there to lean on.

Favorite thing about each other? 

My favorite thing about Zac is his funny, caring personality.

My favorite thing about Delaney is that I can trust her more than anyone.

If you had one piece of advice for other couples what would it be? 

Don’t give up when it gets hard. If you really love one another, you will stick it out and become. stronger in the end.

Words of advice from Lee Brice and our first dance song- Be a best friend, tell the truth, and overuse I love you.

What is the most honest thing you can say about love? 

Love is something that can grow but never diminish- Zac Hansen

Photographer: Kendra Cates Photography
Videographer: Tiana Sheridan Photography
Coordinator & Rentals:Gent’s Rents & Events
Floris: Paisley’s Garden Co.
Hair Stylist: Ragen Laroe
Makeup: Ashleigh Luce
DJ: DJ Veach
Catering: HotLips Catering
Bar: Denny Bar Company
Dress Shop: Bespoke Bride
Dress Designer: Martina Liana

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