Bright Waterside Engagement

Such an intimate engagement shoot for this couple whose love illuminates these images. We love the authenticity of this couple, and the way that they shared some of their story with us. Hearing love stories always brings the photos to life and we cannot wait for you guys to read the way this couple loves one another.

From the Couple: Kieran’s friend Eddie was the one who introduced us both. I didn’t know Eddie very well but I remember he blatantly grabbed my hand and said ” I need to introduce you to someone”. He pulled me over to Kieran (who I had already taken notice of myself) and we started talking. At this point, I was supposed to be moving to Idaho for school in 2 weeks! After meeting Kieran though, I didn’t want to go anywhere without him. Our relationship grew from there to what it is today. We thank Eddie all the time for bringing us together.

From the couple: We actually realized a couple months into dating that we had been in the same friend circles growing up but had never run into each other. In fact, we both started recounting one event that we were both at and realized that at one point we were even sat at the same table! We couldn’t believe that we hadn’t even taken notice of each other so many years earlier.

From the Bride: The part of the wedding day that I am looking forward to the most are the religious ceremonies that will be part of our marriage ceremony. Being able to have both a civil ceremony and a religious marriage ceremony is so exciting. It will be a very special experience for both of our families. On top of that is just the great feeling of love that comes when family gathers to celebrate.

From the Bride: My favorite thing about Kieran is his humility and capacity to love. Kieran is such a loving person and he gets great joy from making others happy. He is a constant in my life, as he is always there when I need him. I am so grateful to be able to be with him forever. 
From the Groom: My favorite thing about Holly is her kindness and charity. She is always willing to help me out in anything I do. I know I can always rely on her for support through the hard times.


Photographer: Melissa Mae Photography / Dress Boutique: Nordstrom / Dress Designer: Show me your mumu / Film Lab: Canadian Film Laboratory 
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