Ava & Joe’s St. Joseph’s Villa We...

Ava & Joe’s St. Joseph’s Villa Wedding

A beautiful and traditional wedding day with classic vibes, Ava & Joe had a lovely day filled with family showcasing their love for each other. Classic black tie aesthetic is never a wrong choice!

from the photographer: “Ava and Joe’s wedding was the perfect depiction of love showcasing their hometown of Richmond, VA. The couple were married at St. Joseph’s Villa, a beautiful cathedral in the outskirts of Richmond, then traveled downtown to the Commonwealth Club where the couple celebrated with close family and friends. Ava and Joe met when they were 14 and 16, respectively, when they met at Ava’s best friend’s birthday party. Ava walked down the aisle with her dad wearing a beautiful lace gown and cathedral length veil on her way to marry Joe. The couple was fun and light-hearted and enjoyed every moment of their celebration!”

How did you two meet? What were your first impressions of one another?

We met at my brother’s birthday party. We always invited my cousin Emma, who happens to be Ava’s best friend. However, Ava had never showed up with her. Well, it was worth the wait as soon as I caught a glimpse of her, I hopped out of the pool and was waiting before she could make it down the deck stairs. I just knew I had to have her. We had so much fun and spent the whole party together talking, laughing, and maybe killing it in drinking games. I was so awestruck by her beauty that my cousin had to give me a pep talk to stop stalling and make a move. Luckily, the party was at my house and I had one last card to play before I finally struck. I showed her my family’s wall of portraits and once she saw a picture of toddler me in a dino-patterned collared shirt it was game over. I finally kissed her and the rest is history.

Tell us a funny story relating to your wedding day or relationship!

We have the most stereotypical best first date. Joe asked to take me on a date the first day we met, and we went out two days later. We started off at Starr Hill Brewery in Richmond for a flight tasting. We immediately connected and everything felt effortless. Afterward, we walked across the street to En Su Boca, a Mexican restaurant, and ate outside on the patio. Dinner was fantastic and we definitely knew that we had a spark. We stayed there talking for hours because Joe had to leave the next morning for a 9-day trip so we took our sweet time. We would have stayed longer, but all of a sudden huge storm clouds and thunder rolled in out of nowhere. Our car was about 6 blocks away and we were sprinting holding hands and running in the rain to Joe’s car. Soaked and wet, we turn the radio on and the DJ was playing for us. The most dramatic love songs with lyrics like, “Please don’t go”, “Stay” and “I’ll miss you”. We were in a downpour, kissing, and frustrated that we had to say goodbye for 9 days. Eventually, the rain stopped, and we made our way back to my house and just slow danced in the driveway before saying good night 10 more times.

What part of your wedding day was/is most important to you?

One of the most important parts of our wedding was our very last dance of the night. Everyone had gathered outside to await our exit so the dance floor was completely empty. It was just the two of us and the DJ qued, “I Wanna Be That Song” by Brett Elderidge. We had danced the whole night away together, but this was different. We both felt that it had finally set in. We were married and get to spend the rest of our lives together.

What is your favorite thing about each other?

Ava: The thing I love most about Joe is the way he makes me feel. From the moment we met, we instantly connected and I still get butterflies around him. He truly radiates positivity and has the best outlook on life. We are always laughing and he makes me realize that you can never take anything too seriously. He shows me every day how much he loves and appreciates me and makes me feel so special.

Joe: The thing I love most about Ava is it never felt like I had to try being someone else. She is so genuinely her. She lets go in front of me and isn’t afraid to be goofy and it is so much fun going on adventures with her. She wears her heart on her sleeve and there are no such things as games with her. She will let you know exactly what is on her mind which is so refreshing. She’s my best friend, my confidant, and I love the way she loves me. I am the luckiest man alive!

Photographer: David Abel Photography
Venue: The Commonwealth Club
Stylist / Planner / Designer: Snap Event Co
Floral Designer: Weddings By Vogue
Dress Boutique: Urban Set Bride
Cake Designer: Pearl’s Bake Shoppe
Makeup Artist: Live Fancy Makeup
Hair Stylist: Mango Salon
Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab
Cinematography: Alzurro Video Productions
Entertainment: Bunn DJ Company
Lighting: The Lighting Professors
Ceremony: St. Joseph’s Villa

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