To the Moms

to the moms with children that you love daily, we see you.
to the moms who have lost their littles or miscarried, we support you and weep with you.
to the moms who work every day to make enough time in their schedule for everything and somehow get it all done, we high five you.
to the moms who juggle job and family, you are amazing.
to those who want to be a mom … we feel with you.
to the moms who wipe tears and dirt and sweat and jelly encrusted faces each day, you are appreciated by those kids.
to the moms who give it all every day, you are a rock star.

Photographer: Adrianne Shelton – Beatific Visions Photography
Venue: Maymont Park – Richmond, VA
Dress Designer: Christy Dawn
Film Lab: Photovision

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