The Blaker Family at Home

We talk a lot about embracing peace in the chaos, especially as it pertains to wedding days. But that doesn’t mean the chaos stops after a wedding day! As our families grow, it can often become even more crazy at home than we thought possible! We have two choices – we can embrace the chaos, and remain joyful, or get stressed out by everything. I think we all know what the correct answer should be in this situation. Today we’re featuring the Blakers, a family who embraced the chaos as they created memories with their boys in the form of a fun baking session as a way to get the whole family involved in pictures!

from the photographer: “Melanie & Bree have the sweetest boys I ever have met, but we have learned through the years, posing for photographs is not ideal for her four boys! The idea of doing an at home, baking session seemed to fit their beautiful family oh so perfectly! We made some cookies together and made some magical memories! Then we headed outside and ran around their family home and simply had fun!”

Photographer: Jill Roberts Photography

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