Sweet & Emotional Organic Outdoor Wedding: Ma...

Sweet & Emotional Organic Outdoor Wedding: Mason & Amanda

Organic Outdoor Wedding

Every wedding has a uniqueness that each couple brings: a tailored set of histories and complexities, personalities and affections, which make a day steeped in tradition truly their own. Yet, every once in a while you find a pair who sees tradition in all of its loveliness, and chooses to turn it on its head in the sweetest of ways! While most brides find themselves escorted down the aisle towards their beloved at its end, Mason & Amanda chose different first steps into marriage—and their reason is pure bliss!  

A word from photographer, Katie Webb:

“As the sun set behind the ceremony location, light poured in all around the wedding party, glowing and adding more beauty to the peaceful scene. Their ceremony was nothing short of heartfelt. Before Amanda walked down to aisle to meet her soon-to-be husband, the officiant spoke about marriage as a reflection of God’s love and His pursuit of us. He explained that Mason would walk up the aisle to meet Amanda, just as he pursues her heart, and that they would walk down the aisle together, as they pursue marriage hand in hand. It was an incredibly beautiful and emotional moment.

This ceremony felt so sacred, so mysteriously wonderful, and I was reminded of how humbling it is to witness and document one of life’s most special and intimate moments.

My overall thoughts from this day keep going back to how I felt—which, as a photographer can easily be stress—but on this day, (amidst the stress, yes) I felt a sense of peacefulness. Though there was much to do throughout the day, Mason & Amanda had such a peace about them, and such thankful hearts. It was truly an honor to share in this day with them!”

Love notes from the couple, Mason & Amanda:

How did you two meet? What were your first impressions of one another?

Amanda: “Mason and I met at a youth camp in July 2016. A best friend’s husband is a worship leader, and Mason plays bass guitar in his band. After work one day I came to hear them play at this camp, and I saw a tall, handsome guy strumming away on stage. I asked my friend who this mystery guy was, but only got his name. Later that night, I was sitting in the green room, and he strolled right in. I could tell that he was a bit shy, so I asked him his name—and the rest is history! We got married 14 months later.”

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Describe a hurdle you had to overcome in your relationship.

Amanda: “Mason and I are very different—while we have many important, key things in common, we are wired very differently…

At first, this was challenging for me to see these differences as a good thing. But now, I see the absolute beauty in our differences and how they complement each other. He is strong where I am weak, and I am strong where he is weak. This has and will continue to lead to great growth and development—which is what you want in a relationship!”

What is the best thing you’ve learned from one another?

Mason: “I’ve learned the importance of being intentional. Amanda is very intentional about pursuing and maintaining friendships with new and old friends. I am not as good at that, and she is showing me the importance of intentionality.”

Amanda: “I’ve learned the importance of loving people well from Mason. He really values people feeling cared for and will sacrifice much for that to happen. I tend to be more serious and task-driven, so he really brings out the light-hearted, caring sides of me that sometimes get covered up.”

What is your favorite thing about each other?

Amanda: “I love Mason’s kindness and gentleness. He is quick to serve and slow to anger. I feel very safe with him, and I know that he accepts all of me—the good, bad, and ugly. He is gracious, patient, and loving, and I am honored that he has chosen to love me.”

Mason: “I love that Amanda is tough and that she is fighter. Any time an obstacle comes into our life, she takes it head on. I have seen that no matter what comes our way, she will be with me through it all.”

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What was your favorite part about planning your wedding?

Amanda: “Our favorite part about planning our wedding was seeing so many people use their gifts and talents and come together to create a wonderful event. Professionally, I work in event planning, so I’m accustomed to planning events. But it’s very different to plan your wedding. It truly is a team effort, and so many people were involved—from family to friends to all of our great vendors—it was special to see each person play their own beautiful part. We are so thankful for everyone who was involved!”

What part of your wedding day was most important to you?

Amanda: “Mason and I did a ‘first touch’ (instead of a ‘first look’), where we held hands and prayed together around the corner of a building. It was special to have this moment together before the ceremony began!

The first time we saw each other was when I was walking toward the aisle with my dad. This was very emotional for Mason and me!

Our faith is very important to us, and we believe that marriage is given by God to reflect Jesus Christ’s love and pursuit of his people. To show this, Mason walked up the aisle to pursue me and take my hand from my dad at the back of the chairs. This pursuit of Mason showed the way Jesus relentlessly pursues his people. The waterworks really started then.”

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If you had one piece of advice for other couples, what would it be?

Amanda: “We would advise other couples to avoid the temptation to compare to the countless other weddings and couples out there. While it can be very helpful to gather ideas from others’ experiences, it’s so much fun to make the event your own! Choose the kind of attire, food, decor, etc. that fits you as a couple. Mason and I are pretty ‘chill’ people and not into lots of fancy things, so we wanted our wedding to reflect that. We wanted a comfortable outdoor ceremony and a fun dance party during the reception. We wanted guests to sit where they wanted and eat what they wanted from the buffet line. We wanted it all to be relaxed and enjoyable, and we hope everyone felt like they could be themselves at our wedding.”

What is the most honest thing you can say about love?

“Love is a choice. It is much more than a mere emotion. It is something you choose to do each day—to lay down your life, your preferences, your desires—for the betterment of someone else. Therefore, it doesn’t always ‘feel good’. It is hard. It requires great sacrifice. But it is so beautiful. To choose to love someone is like nothing else. And to receive that kind of love is a wonderful, cherished gift.”

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photographer: Katie Webb / venue: Pecan Springs Ranch / floral designer: Mountain Laurel Floral / dress boutique: Alexia Gavela Bridal / dress designer: Morilee Madeline Gardner / cake designer: Groom’s – Elizabeth Flowers, Bride’s – Marla Stacey / hair & makeup: Lauren Lumsden / men’s formalwear: Jos A. Bank / bride’s ring: Anschar Diamonds / groom’s ring: James Avery / bride’s shoes: Touch of Nina / videographer: Levi Hanusch / invites: Wedding Paper Divas by Shutterfly / film lab: PhotoVision

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