Sunrise Maternity in Australia

Such a sweet sunrise maternity in Australia captured beautifully. A sense of calmness radiates from this session giving some of the images almost a watercolor feel, film is such a magical way of creating art & preserving special moments like these, absolutely timeless!

My client, Darlene approached me about doing a sunrise maternity session at the beach with her husband, Paul and a Frenchie named Rosie that she referred to as her “first born”. Listening to her story about her pregnancy, we worked together to create timeless and natural images reflecting her growing family, her sense of peace, joy and gratefulness she felt throughout the pregnancy as well as to include details such as the baby scans and his little outfit. These images were taken at Balmoral Beach in New South Wales, Australia, which is a really special place for Darlene as she frequents the beach to dip her feet in the water, release her stress and the place gives her a sense of calmness. – Aliki Anadena Photography

I have never been a morning person though I certainly strive to be one! But when Darlene approached me about doing a sunrise maternity session at the beach with her husband, Paul and a Frenchie, I knew that it’s going to be a special one and I was determined to be a morning person for that one day! Darlene told me that the beach is a special place for her as she goes there often to relieve her stress and to enjoy dipping her feet in the water throughout her pregnancy journey. She desires to capture this special moment in her life as a mother-to-be with a sense of gratefulness for the new blessing in their lives. The couple welcomed their newborn son a few weeks after the session. The session took place at Balmoral Beach, one of the famous beach in New South Wales, Australia for its iconic Rocky Point Island. – Aliki Anadena Photography

What’s your favorite family pastime?
We just love morning brekky at local cafes. Also, morning beach visits, and taking our sweet Rosie Sunshine to the dog park for playtime. Quality time with each other at home is very important to us, especially watching Masterchef Australia! Time with cousins, nephews and close friends keeps us grounded and gives us positive energy.

Any lessons you learned as a family through the last year?
1% is a very large probability. We were told we would only have a 1% chance of having children, yet in August 2020 we found out we would be expecting a child!

Tell us a fun or silly story that happened to your family!
The best birthday gift ever! Darlene and I are both born in the month of August, and we found out we were pregnant during our birthday month. We were so excited, we decided to name our boy after our birth month (and the great Catholic Saint) – Augustine!

What does family mean to you?
Love, in all its beautiful and wonderful forms.

Photographer: Aliki Anadena Photography / Venue: Balmoral Beach, New South Wales, Australia / Film Lab: Ikigai Lab

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