Spring Family Session

A beautifully sweet spring family session filled with fun, laughter and even the family pup was able to come along to enjoy the warm afternoon sunshine. When natural moments are encouraged for family sessions you get the opportunity to see both the parents and the children come alive just as you can see below! Check out the Hall Family’s session below! 

What’s your favorite family pastime together? We love spending time together at home, eating dinner on the back deck, playing with our lovely neighborhood friends, and swimming in the lake with all the cousins.

Any lessons you learned as a family through the last year? How nice it is to have family around to babysit, haha!
We recently moved back to Nova Scotia after spending a few years in Nunavut, and British Columbia before that. As excited as we are to be living close to our families again, we also know and have learned that home is really wherever we’re together making memories.

What does family mean to you? Family is the underlying focus of everything we’re working towards during this stage of our lives. Moving back to NS and purchasing our family home, renovations, new jobs, new routines; all intentional choices for the life we are building for our kids and family unit. Family means building a life filled with love and laughter together.

What are the best things you’ve learned from each other? We’ve learned to trust each other as a parents; both as a team and individually. We know that we need to have each other’s backs (especially as Isla is learning to play us off each other when she wants something haha). However, sometimes what works for one parent and the kids doesn’t work the same way for the other parent, and that’s ok! We both have special relationships with each of our kids and it’s important to remember that it just makes us stronger as a team for this crazy adventure called parenting.

If you had one piece of advice for other families, what would it be? Put the phone down, slow down, and just be together. You don’t always need to be going to the next big activity or social event. When we were up North the pace of life was so much slower, and now that we’re back and the pace of life has picked up drastically; we’re often nostalgic and miss the days of quiet family time at home with no where to rush off to and nothing to do but spend quality time together, cooking and watching movies. Babies don’t keep, we need to snuggle them while we can before they’re too cool for mom and dad. They’re growing up so fast and we don’t want to miss it!

Photographer: Becca
Makeup Artist: Selena Marchand
Hair Stylist: Jacquelyn Taylor

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