Seeing Clearly in Relationships

There’s so much clamoring for our time these days. Sometimes it feels like life can quickly become a fog around us – an array of social media noise, deadlines and appointments, and just general busyness. One of the interesting things about fog though, is that it limits the proximity of what we can see. So what or who do we keep near us in this small circle, when life around us is a fog? Who do we hold near and close?

I think it’s important to hold to values that you’ve established. If you’ve made a purpose to be intentional with how you spend time with your spouse or loved ones, keep that value near. Keep your family and the ones you love close, and inside your circle of visibility. If you lose sight of them, something else will fill that vacuum of time, and it’s not always something that should become a priority item inside your ring of available time. I’ve always believed that at the end of my life, looking back on whatever I had done, I’d want to be surrounded by those closest to me. But unless I invest in those relationships, and spend purposeful time with them, there’s not going to be much there to look back on, either.

So it’s time to ask ourselves some hard questions. Are we letting the fog overtake us, or are we seeing the things we want to see inside of our circle of visibility? Are we wandering outside of that circle and being overtaken by commotion? Where are our priorities?

This simple and joyful shoot from The Film Gathering, sponsored by The White Wren last fall, is a good reminder of what it can look like to keep focused on each other and the relationships that matter in our lives, even when the air around us is thick with other noises. Actually, it’s pretty dang romantic.

Brent Deitrich, Publisher

Event: The Film Gathering /  Photography: Live View Studios / Hair & Makeup: Michelle Clark / Design & Styling: Magnolia and Grace Events /  Men’s Attire: H&M  – Styled by: Stitchings & Co. / Gown: Voda Boutique /  Jewelry: Voda Boutique /  Shoes: ASOS Penalty Pointed High Heels


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