Seaside Maternity Session

Today we are sharing a dreamy seaside maternity session with beautiful light! Erin & Jordan are awaiting the arrival of their baby girl, this stage in their journey has been documented in a lovely way with two maternity dresses & the California coastline as the backdrop. Such amazing memories & moments for them to hold dear forever!

“Erin and I met when we were 22 years old. We were at a small young adults bible study through the new church that just started up in Long Beach, CA, called Sound House, when we looked across the fire pit and saw each other! It was best friend love at first sight. We navigated our young 20s together and what it meant to be a follower of Christ, and wow God really blesses those who trust in Him. I remember when she met Jordan through our young adults group, and how giddy she was to hang around him. I knew he liked her too by how comfortable he was around her, they joked like best friends instantly. Fast forward to now, and they’ve built a beautiful life together, a gorgeous wedding (we were each other’s bridesmaids!), a first home in Southern California, two great jobs, a German short haired pointer named Oakley, and a wonderful community to welcome their little girl into. And oh yeah, a family foundation built on Jesus. I am so blessed and honored to have captured this milestone for them, love you forever Erin Hoogsteen!” – Natalie Schutt Photography

“Everyone has their own, unique pregnancy story and journey. The moments I will never forget are hearing her heart beat for the first time, seeing her sweet face on the ultrasound, and feeling her move and kick inside of me. I would say the most important thing is to take care of yourself! Take what you need and listen to your body: naps, cravings, walks- anything. Remember to relax and give yourself and your body patience and grace because you are growing a human!” – Erin Hoogsteen

Photography: Natalie Schutt Photography

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