Santa Cruz Beach Family Session

A sweet Santa Cruz Beach family session that also carried over to a charming, sunny cactus garden due to the weather and we are loving both looks! Such a large contrast between the two locations offers variety while captured so beautifully on film, giving it a dreamy and timeless look. Stunning family photos that will be adored in all the years to come!

Sydney and I planned their family photoshoot at one of the gorgeous Santa Cruz beaches with white sand and dramatic cliffs hanging above the ocean. The forecast at the beach that day promised us a sunny and warm afternoon, but within minutes we arrived at the location, thick clouds covered the sun, and we had just a few minutes before we started to shiver and fled back to the warmth of our cars.

Baby Emily was such a sweet girl showered in her parents’ love! We continued our session at the sunny Arizona Cactus Garden in Stanford the other day, and it went smoothly with the afternoon glow and big smiles.

I am so grateful for the trust Sydney and Marcus put into me, and the final result was the stunning gallery of timeless portraits with the adventurous story behind them! -Shelepova Phototgraphy
From the family,
1. Favorite family past time: Each year around Thanksgiving, we have a kind of competition surrounding our best dishes. Whether it’s Marcus’ special spicy macaroni or Sydney’s signature pumpkin pie- the family kind of gets into it.
In the end, though, one special moment that we love to cherish is the baking of our family recipe organic Apple pies. Everyone contributes, and we sort of joke around that it’s the best and most expensive Apple pies that you can make.

2. Lessons learned as a family the past year: The pandemic has allowed us to take time and appreciate the small delicacies of life. We have realized over the year, that we do not always have to go out as a family but that the precious moments we share in the comfort of our own home are just enough.

3. Tell us a fun story: Fun fact is that my family consist of mainly girls. When I became pregnant with Emily, we decided to wait until birth to find out the gender. During the process, many people thought that I would be having a baby boy, but to our surprise, our sweet baby girl was born. And as a result the girl takeover has continued (for now at least).

4. What does family mean to us? Family to us is having people in your corner that constantly uplift you and speak life over you. Family is being surrounding by individuals that love you in ways you never knew you needed to be loved. Family is knowing that despite any shortcomings or bumps in the road, you will always have individuals around you, that will keep you encouraged and at peace.

Photography: Shelepova Photography

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