Paige & Greg’s Peter Shields Inn Weddin...

Paige & Greg’s Peter Shields Inn Wedding

Paige & Greg’s Peter Shields Inn wedding is a stunning morning wedding with a documentary feel that brings you into the moment of each image. Neutral & earth toned colors weaved into the day so beautifully with a big focal point being placed on family. You can see the love in the faces of Paige & Greg as well as their family as they celebrated this wondrous occasion near the New Jersey shoreline!

Paige & Greg’s midmorning seaside inn wedding was cozy, romantic, and full of family. The bride wore the traditional pearls of her maternal family. -Manda Weaver Photography

Any special ways you incorporated your family or family history into your wedding day? We placed the wedding photos of our friends and family in attendance around the venue. We wanted to make our guests feel included and celebrate with us, since their love and support has done so much for us and our relationship throughout our lives. It was also a fun detail for guests to notice during cocktail hour. Everyone wanted to find their own photo!
(Paige) also wore my great grandmother’s pearls for the special day. All of my cousins, aunts, and extended family members have worn them when getting married, so it was very special to be part of that tradition.

How did you two meet? What were your first impressions of one another? We met at a trivia night through mutual friends. It was completely accidental and unplanned. Greg’s first impression was that he definitely wanted to get to Paige better. Paige thought he was cute, but hadn’t gone out with the intention of meeting anyone. Luckily, we have some meddling friends who immediately took it upon themselves to make sure we met again.

Describe a hurdle you had to overcome in your relationship or during your wedding planning. During wedding planning, COVID was a huge hurdle to accommodate. We got engaged July 2020 and saw couples all around us postponing their wedding or forgoing a wedding to elope. We were not sure whether to go ahead to plan the wedding we wanted or not. Once we committed to a venue and a date, it was then constant worry if there would be another wave that would affect our plans, what precautions we should take, if we and our families would actually be healthy on the big day, and how to handle vaccination status among our guests.

What is the best thing you’ve learned from one another? The best thing we have learned from each other is communication. You can’t assume the other person has the same understanding as you, even on small things. We did an 11 month deployment after we had been dating for a year and a half, and being apart for that long really changed how we communicate and made our relationship a lot stronger. Now that we are married, we are learning to communicate about a whole new set of issues!

Venue: Peter Shields Inn And Restaurant
Photographer: Manda Weaver 
Florals: Jennifer Designs Events
Paperie: Gingerly Design Co
Cake: Chez Michel
Dresses: Jenny Yoo NYC and Lis Simone Bridal 
HMU: Say I Do Hair and Makeup
Bridal boutique: Maggi Bridal Raleigh
Shop: Free Love Bridal
Shoes: Bella Belle Shoes
Bride: Turnthepaige194
Music: Grace Note String Ensemble 
Lab: The Find Lab
Surface: Untraviolet Backdrop

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