Milona & Matteo at Lake Como

from the photographer: “The editorial photoshoot at Lake Como showcases the romantic story of a couple aboard a vintage wooden boat. Set against the backdrop of the picturesque Italian lake, I skillfully capture the couple’s love through stolen glances, tender touches, and genuine laughter. The classic wardrobe choices complement the timeless atmosphere, and the play of light and shadow adds a touch of ethereal beauty. The wooden boat becomes a symbolic vessel for love, navigating the emotions of the couple against the backdrop of Lake Como’s enchanting scenery. The resulting visual masterpiece celebrates both the couple’s connection and the timeless allure of this captivating destination. Adding to the allure, the romantic narrative gains an exquisite dimension with the inclusion of a dress from Ines di Santo. The bride’s gown, a masterpiece of design, boasts delicate details and intricate lacework that elevate the elegance of the timeless atmosphere. Mirroring the enchanting scenery, the Ines di Santo gown becomes a focal point as the couple navigates the waters of Lake Como aboard the wooden boat. This harmonious blend of natural beauty and couture craftsmanship enhances the visual poetry of love unfolding in the picturesque setting, creating a captivating fusion of romance and refined style.”

Photographer Philibert Barelli
Venue Villa Belvedere Relais
Stylist / Planner / Designer AMV Weddings
Floral Designer Garden of Love
Dress Boutique White House Bride
Dress Designer Ines di Santo
Makeup Artist Studio Como
Hair Stylist Studio Como
Workshop Host: AMV Retreats
Educators: Sophie Kaye , Andreas K. Georgiou, Rossini Photography , Matteo Colltro
BTS Photo: Konstatyn Zakhariy
BTS Video: Leann Fyvie
Models: Milona & Matteo
Capsule Boat: Lake Como Boat
Earrings: Megan Therese
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Ring: Andria Barbone 

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