Lake Como Wedding Inspiration

Lake Como Wedding Inspiration

If you have a heart full of wanderlust or are dreaming of a destination wedding then today’s feature is just for you. This charming Lake Como wedding inspiration holds a relaxed & tranquil feel. A stunning bouquet that is designed with classic green, white & cream blooms, it paired perfectly with the other details at the waters edge. A neutral & soft pastel color palette supports this atmosphere as everything flows together in such a spectacular way, captivating you into the scene itself. Bride & groom portraits next to Lake Como give an intimate impression that will inspire all who have a romantic heart!

Description from the planner, Yulia Turovskaya – “The rustle of the leaves and the gravel mixed together to sound like the melody of this charming lake Como wedding. The plume of the dress susurrates like angel wings… tossed by the wind. Midsummer dream? Wait…
Early autumn makes a different story out of the wedding, narrated by Kir & Ira Photography: everything on the lake seems so full of peace. But at the same time with the underlined explosion of gold spilled in the air and among the trees. The wedding is full of intense feelings and sparkle of emotions. Adorable Zlata in her romantic dress signed by Honeymoon Sposa makes all the involuntary testimonies of the elopement wedding take a deep breath and then a sigh… the feathers on the cape tremble in the slight wind… the earrings chime while she steps out of the villa. Elegant and stylish Villa Regina Teodolinda which stands practically on the edge of the bank of the lake frames the beauty of every detail of the wedding. Charming blue shuttered windows, light elegant facade have come from a fairy tale and were meant to reflect the shades of the lake, pastel calm and tranquil… Just the opposite of the crazy world outside of the villa. The ideal escape destination for romantic hearts. And the final yes of the bride and the groom echoes and bounces on the water… The sun rays get entangled in the romantic and antique-looking diadema by Della Bella Gioelli which seems to continue the tribute to autumn and its golden accents. The very moment when the atmosphere changes to become glorious and triumphal… Like the bubbles of Prosecco in the glass! Simply love is in the air and autumn hasn’t changed but underlined each detail and overwhelmed this wedding with its charm.”

Photographer: Kir & Ira Photography / Venue: Villa Regina Teodolinda / Stylist / Planner / Designer: Yulia Turovskaya / Floral Designer: Della Bella Fiori / Dress Boutique: Honeymoon Sposa / Dress Designer: Victoria Soprano / Cake Designer: Wondercake Lugano / Makeup Artist: Irina Kondratenko / Hair Stylist: Irina Kondratenko / Accessories / Decor: Della Bella Gioellli / Film Lab: LighthouseFilmLab / Farm flowers: Victoria Urban Flower Garden / Wedding invitations & stationary: Edelweiss Cd

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