Kate + Horses

Today’s feature is a beautiful session that veers off the beaten path in a most incredible way. I don’t see many sessions like this but I would love to witness more of the uplifting power the medium of photography can bring, to help others see their own beauty and bring confidence into that area of their life is truly an immeasurable gift!

This photoshoot was all about empowerment and trying to prove something. This beautiful lady had been going through a really rough time. Her mother graciously let us use her property and horses for a photo shoot we were planning with two sets of models. Somehow while we were talking and getting to know Kate and her mother, her mother shared with us a little about Kate.

This beautiful 13 year old did not believe how gorgeous she truly is. She had been struggling with her self-esteem and no amount of encouragement and assurance from her family made her believe it. My friend and stylist said to her mother, if anyone could make her believe in herself and her beauty, it would be Amy. And, so, we added her into our shoot.I gifted them a set of prints after the shoot and when they received it, they both cried. If only just one step forward, I would gladly show her just how gorgeous she is – anytime. She is both gorgeous and incredibly sweet and talented!

And that’s the power of photography! -Amy Huang Photography

Photography: Amy Huang Photography
Creative Direction: Angel Tan
Styling & Wardrobe: Angel Tan
Makeup: Betsabe Apte Roman
Hair: Magely Martinez
Flowers: Lolita In Bloom
Model: Kate


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