Glacier National Park Adventure

A Glacier National Park adventure that is full of serene moments & images that help you feel connected with nature in all her breathtaking beauty. Cassandra & Chad explored the park with friends finding the most stunning views all along their hikes & wanderings through the area. Truly an adventure & an amazing one at that!

The coolest things a girl could experience in a lifetime is: Get Engaged to the man of her dreams, visit Glacier National Park, witness a sunrise over Bowman Lake, hike to Avalanche Lake with your man and two best friends…oh and your wedding photographer;) Cassandra must be one lucky girl, because she experienced all four of these things in one day!! We woke up before the sun graced us with its presence. Drove to Bowman Lake. And literally paused for a moment upon arrival. It was so quiet and serene. Everyone was just standing in silence taking in the beauty of the fog rolling over the lake, anticipating the mountain views about to happen as the sun rose and the fog lifted.

Even though we wanted to beat the hiking crowds, we didn’t rush it because we all knew without a doubt, these are the kind of moments one must live for. Then back to the Going To The Sun Road we went to find parking for our couple mile hike to Avalanche Lake. Parking is NOT an easy task in Glacier National Park so keep that in mind when planning your adventures there. Our hike was amazing. Again, we took our time to make sure we truly enjoyed the scene we were blessed with. We watched the water flowing down the mountain side, saw a bear off in a safe distance, and had a little snack and a beer after the photoshoot at Avalanche Lake. In the midst of one of my busiest photography seasons, it was truly a reminder of how much I love my job…and this life I was blessed with! -Xsperience Photography

Photographer: Xsperience Photography

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