Dreamy California Vineyard Wedding

Dreamy California Vineyard Wedding

Today we are featuring Ben and Emma’s wedding which was a truly magical celebration. With so many lovely and elegant touches that exemplified the two of them and their style so well. Cielo farms in Malibu had wonderful 360¬į views of the Californian hills and the vineyard where the event took place felt like a garden of Eden. The venue had an old-world Tuscan garden style that was accented with the modern floral arrangements by Penelope Pots floral design, adding a fresh feel to their classic black and white wedding. Emma wanted to take a special approach to her table settings so she had unique green glasses added to accentuate the Al Fresco garden palette and pair nicely with the mauve & rose-colored florals. She also brought in a Cappuccino bar for the guests, (by I Do Coffee) and had a silent disco during the reception, which took everyone by surprise and was incredibly fun.

We hope you enjoy this lovely wedding as much as we did!

How did you two meet and what were your first impressions?

We met on St. Patrick’s Day 2015 and of course it was a day filled with fun, but we really had an instant connection. He was out with his firefighter friends (he’s a fireman in Pasadena) and one of his friends happened to have a shirt on for the department and a friend of mine had just got the call that day that he had gotten hired at a different department so they started talking! That’s when Ben and I met. A chance encounter if I ever heard of one!

Our first impressions were that we knew how to have fun and we wanted to get to know each other. The rest is history! I didn’t believe that people actually met people in bars, but it can happen! ūüôā

What’s a funny story from your wedding day?¬†

During our cake cutting, I (Emma) thought there was a mutual understanding that I would be shoving the cake in Ben’s face, but he had other plans!! He definitely got me and shoved cake into my face and although I wasn’t happy in the moment (come on the hair and makeup took forever!), but it turned out to make me laugh and make that part of the wedding more fun!

What’s a hurdle you’ve had to overcome together?¬†

One hurdle we have had to overcome during all times of our lives (and we will continue to overcome it) is my husband’s work schedule that can sometimes put a wrench in planning anything! Including a wedding. Being a fireman includes long shifts, getting forced to work on days you thought you would have off and sacrificing time with family and friends. You miss big days and small days and it’s never ideal, but I am always grateful for what he does.

Any special ways you incorporated family into your wedding day? 

We had a few nods to our family at our wedding. We had 2 specialty cocktails that were named after my dad and my husband’s grandfather. A greyhound for my dad called The PGC, which was named after his company that he runs, Peterson General Contracting and The Special Agent, an old fashioned named after his grandfather that was in the FBI! We also had edible drink wafers that went into each of the cocktails that was a picture of our Golden Retriever Lola. Those were some of our favorite details!

What was the most important part of your wedding day to you? 

The ceremony was for sure the most important part! Our best friend officiated and just having everyone in the same place at the same time was so special and will never happen again. It was so special and everyone loved that part of the day.

Best thing you’ve learned from each other?¬†

We have learned so much from one another, but a couple huge things we have learned are patience and respect. Marriage is a long and ever-changing road, but with these two things I know we can make it through anything!

Favorite things about each other? 

My favorite thing about Ben is that he is the most patient person and really brings out the best in me. He challenges me to be my best and pushes me outside of my comfort zone.

My favorite thing about Emma is that no matter what she makes times fun. Whether we are sitting on the couch or out with friends and family, it’s always fun and we can always laugh together and be silly.

What was your favorite part of planning your wedding? 

My favorite part was picking out the fun details like our neon sign, our really cool and unique coffee/espresso bar we had, picking out the songs for the dances, adding the silent disco and the cocktail names/wafers that I mentioned previously. Those were so fun to watch come together and it made it super personal!


What’s one piece of advice you’d give to other couples?¬†

My biggest advice would be that if you have the means, add everything you want. I think now more than ever, your wedding day is the one day you will remember forever and the details count! Don’t let other people’s opinions become a factor in your big day.

What’s the most honest thing you can say about love?¬†

That it can be messy and although the internet, social media, etc. expects you to believe that it’s perfect all the time, it’s not! Two people from two different worlds coming together are going to have ups and downs, but the foundation is love and it really does conquer all. Work together, respect one another (even if your opinions differ) and HAVE FUN! Life is short!

Photographer: Natalie Schutt /¬†Venue: Cielo Farms / Stylist / Planner / Designer: Ivy and Aster / Floral Designer: Penelope Pots / Dress Boutique: Theia / Dress Designer: Theia / Cake Designer: Sweet Lady Jane / Makeup Artist: Loren & Kylie / Hair Stylist: Loren & Kylie / Men\’s Formalwear: Hugo Boss / Rentals: Premiere Party Rents / Accessories / Decor: Otis & Pearl / Film Lab: Photovision Prints / Catering: Tres LA / Bridesmaids & Family Hair: Blushing Beauty / Bridesmaids & Family Make Up: Brittany Thomason / Videographer: Roman Howell / Linen: La Tavola / Welcome Music : Craig (Family Friend) / Entertainment: Krieger DJ / Coffee: I Do Coffee / Transporation: Swoop / Invitations: Minted

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