Carol & Andreas Engagement in Dresden

Carol & Andreas engagement in Dresden is full of tender moments & joy! Dresden is such a stunning location & the city being the backdrop for the session makes you feel like these two are stepping right out of a scene from a romance movie. The bold red coat stood out amongst the more neutral colors of the city, this session is a beautiful representation of lighthearted moments being captured in a captivating artistic way.

Caro and Andreas will get married in Dresden this year in the Catholic Hofkirsche of Dresden and then celebrate in Dresden. That is why we chose Dresden’s Altastadt for the couple shoot with its beautiful historical backdrop and the Hofkirsche in the background. Starting in the bright stable yard of Dresden over the Brühlsche Terrasse with a view over the Elbe with a view of the Frauenkirsche and the beautiful terrace. Dresden is not called the Florence on the Elbe for nothing! Both have known each other for a while and looked very much in love and carefree with each other. She comes from the area and he is originally from Munich. Both got to know and love each other in Dresden and decided to continue their life together here with the love for the city that unites both! The subsequent celebration will take place in the wonderful Schloss Eckberg. A top address for wedding couples in Dresden. – Katja Knetschke Fine Art Photography

How did you two meet? What were your first impressions of one another?
We fell in love on the first date, so it was love at first sight, if you can say that.

Describe a hurdle you had to overcome in your relationship or during your wedding planning.
The biggest hurdle is that we don’t know if the wedding can take place but we’re still optimistic!

An engagement shoot in Dresden’s old town with the wonderful hostile buildings. On this occasion, they wanted to use their engagement shoot with pictures of it for their invitation cards. We started with the shoot in the historic stable yard and then walked to the Fürstenzug with a magnificent view of the Frauenkirche to the art academy on the Brühl Terrace with a view of the Elbe and the lemon squeezer in the background. There was a slight hint of spring with the early bloomers in the city. – Katja Knetschke Fine Art Photography

What was your favorite part about planning your wedding?
The best part about the planning was looking for the wedding dress.

If you had one piece of advice for other couples, what would it be?
The best advice is: If there’s no trust, there is no love.

Photographer: Katja Knetschke Fine Art Photography / Ceremony Venue: Hofkirche; Location: Schloss Eckberg Dresden / Floral Designer: Die Blumenbinderei / Cake Designer: Juliana Zaspel

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