Carmel by the Sea Family Portraits

Carmel by the Sea Family Portraits

We are thrilled to share these beautiful family portraits –  a coastal session held as the sun was setting, creating a most beautiful glow! It’s always a joy to see the beauty in family moments that come through our features, a gentle reminder that many times happiness is simplicity.

We spent golden hour at one of the most beautiful beaches in Carmel-by-the-Sea. A young family with their seven months old daughter shared their favorite place – a hidden gem close to their family property. Cotton candy skies, baby giggles, and adoring young parents. -Shelepova Photography

What’s your favorite family pastime together? We love being outside together as a family. Whether it’s our routine Saturday morning coffee walks to the farmers market, casual weeknights having dinner alfresco in our yard, or our beloved beach getaway weekends in Carmel – when we’re outside, we’re all happy!

Any lessons you learned as a family through the last year? This year we became a family of 3, so the lessons are endless. We learned what it feels like to become parents and experienced the immeasurable love and happiness the second she entered our world. We learned to never underestimate the power of a hot coffee and hot shower. We learned we are blessed with the most incredible support system and now fully understand the meaning of “it takes a village.” Mostly, we learned to find the joy in all the simple things through the lens of our daughter. Whether it’s supporting her obsession to touch every flower, screaming with excitement when she sees a cute dog or stopping to stare at the ocean as if it’s the first time, we relearned how to love and truly appreciate all the beautiful little things that make up our life.

Tell us a fun or silly story that happened to your family recently! We recently traveled to London, England and Paris, France on a family trip. When we boarded the 11 hour flight with our 9 month old our neighbor passengers we’re visibly disappointed with their seat assignments. Luckily our daughter was a perfect little angel traveler and when we got off the plane everyone was air high fiving us. So proud of our girl and us for making the haul because it was the most incredible family vacation.

What does family mean to you? Everything. This year we became parents and truly learned how much love and appreciation we have for our families. Without them, we would be lost and significantly more sleep deprived! Truly, family means unconditional love and support through all of lives endeavors.

Photographer: Julia Shelepova
Venue: Carmel Beach
Dress Boutique: LoveShackFancy
Film Lab: PhotoVision 

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