Breezy Bridal Boudoir

A simple breezy bridal boudoir that radiates a peaceful feel but has such movement to it, captivating us into each moment. The castle like venue is filled with old-world charm, alongside the stunning model, textures & scents that were carefully selected for this editorial the overall design takes us to a to another place when we view these beautiful portraits.

“As our bride takes a moment to herself on a hot summer’s day, a cool breeze sweeps in and brings her much needed calm and renewal with it. The breeze itself inspires constant movement – both by the model and by the fabrics, textures, and scents of the shoot. While the Chateau de Chantilly is filled with old-world charm, our bride is a modern woman – confident in her sensuality, playful, and power. She doesn’t shy away from exuding feminine grace while captivating the camera.

Planned by Indirihya and photographed by Elizaveta Photography, this bridal boudoir combined French opulence with classic chic. We were so inspired by the grandeur of the chateau and we felt that it would be the perfect setting for this boudoir inspiration session, but we also wanted to keep it simple and really focus on the bride herself. We loved how the veil added a sense of mystery and tenderness to this shoot.

One element that we loved incorporating into the boudoir session were the scents created by perfumer L’Odoristerie, who specializes in making bespoke perfumes. Scent plays such a powerful part in building memories that capture the emotion the bride feels on her wedding day. We felt that adding this detail truly reflected the idea of a summer breeze, which brings with it freshness and subtle hints of nature.” – Elizaveta Photography

Photographer: Elizaveta Photography
Venue: Chateau de Chantilly
Stylist / Planner / Designer: Indirihya & Noha Design Paris
Dress Boutique: Top Bridal Paris
Makeup Artist: Widnie Alexis & Joe Adrey
Hair Stylist: Widnie Alexis & Joe Adrey
Custom Perfume: L’odoristerie
Lace robe: So Helo
Model: Chloe

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