Zsigmond & Ashley’s Engagement in Santa...

Zsigmond & Ashley’s Engagement in Santa Barbara

Today we are sharing Zsigmond & Ashley’s Engagement in Santa Barbara, this session is both dreamy & romantic. With two locations & amazing light at each one their love was captured in such an artistic way. Outfit changes & frolicking on the beach made for an amazing afternoon!

From AGS Photo Art – Zsigmond and Ashley are truly head-over-heels for each other. I’ve photographed hundreds of couples, and it’s rare to see a love like they have. Zsigmond had originally hired me to photograph him proposing to Ashley in Big Sur, but then their plans changed because of COVID. Since I was not able to be there for their proposal, I met Zsigmond and Ashley in Santa Barbara for a sunset engagement session. These two love the ocean, and we had a lovely evening galavanting around the coast and city of Santa Barbara.
When I asked Zsigmond what he loved most about Ashley, he told me this, “Ashley is the most loving, selfless, strong, and most beautiful woman alive. She brings out the best in me, constantly pushing me to be the best that I can. Ever since we met more than 7-8 years ago, there has always been a spark for her. As we discussed over the phone, we have been through a lot of trials with her health but thank God with that behind us we have seen how much closer it has brought us. I have been by her side in our weakest moments, and to me, that showed truly how strong of a Godly woman she is. Not to mention, Ashley is absolutely amazing with kids and that shows through her love for them. She truly is the most amazing woman alive and I can hardly wait to spend the rest of my life with her. Her beauty inside and out is priceless. There is no one else I want by my side forever.” 

I think the imagery from Zsigmond and Ashley’s engagement session is super cohesive and romantic. From the Santa Barbara courthouse to Butterfly Beach, we timed everything perfectly, the right locations and the right light. – AGS Photo Art

Photographer: AGS Photo Art / Venue: Santa Barbara / Film Lab: Photovision Prints

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