Lindsay & Mike’s Wedding

Today we are sharing Lindsay & Mike’s wedding which brings on stunning inspiration alongside the many fun, personal details that were weaved into the day by the couple & their amazing vendor team. From the muted color palette of light grey, whites, pops of gold to the abundance of flowing greenery & simple details, everything was brought together for the final look of a beautiful & joy filled day!

How did you two meet? What were your first impressions of one another?

January 24, 2016- We both had finally had enough with trying to meet someone at the bar, so we signed up for Bumble, a dating app! Luckily, we both swiped right on each other! Mike planned a romantic first date at a local Sip and Stroke location where we would indulge in some vintage wine and show our creative side painting on canvas, all the while enjoying each other’s conversation. He had the reservations made for that Saturday night, but a few hours before, he received a tragic call. “I have to cancel” Lindsay said. She had a friend come into town last minute and it was her birthday. Mike respectfully said no problem, but told Lindsay that she would have to come up with the next date. Her idea, a pizza place… “Not very romantic” Mike thought in his head, but hey, she might not be worth a good date anyways. Thirteen Pies in Buckhead Atlanta was the venue of choice that night. The initial greeting was standard with a “Hey”, “Nice to meet you” and a friendly hug. It all felt so right from the beginning to the end, besides one thing, the food. The pizza was decent at best and the pear tart dessert tasted like cardboard. But it’s fun to laugh about now! After the date was over, we both decided quickly that we wanted to go out with each other again, and there were many fun dates after that! And for those wondering, we did eventually make it to that Sip and Strokes painting date, 365 days later, on our first anniversary 🙂

This wedding was a dream. I primarily worked with the bride and her mom and they had an amazing eye for design and were incredibly kind to me, welcoming me and my family into their lives and home. The team of vendors was top notch and everyone did an amazing job.

Their original vision was simple, elegant, natural colors, lots of greenery and a few pops of color. The couple is funny and outgoing and they wanted their wedding to reflect that. They knew from the beginning they wanted to incorporate their golden doodles somehow, which we did with bar signage and props at the photo booth. When working with our stationer, we were brainstorming signage for the escort card display and all loved the sound of “be our guest”, as a joke we suggested the band play that song from Beauty and the Beast, as guests found their seat and we were so amused by the idea, that is exactly what we did.

The hanging greenery, the lounge, the rentals, the food and the music were just incredible. We started with a band and then one hour before ending the reception, we switched to a DJ, who surprisingly played instruments while DJ’ing, who was out of this world. Turns out he plays for the Atlanta Hawks also! The bride got on stage and was having the time of her life. -Sofia Ocampo for Chancey Charm Atlanta 

Tell us a funny story relating to your wedding day or relationship!

It was straight out of a movie. On one of our first dates, I picked Lindsay up from her apartment and went to a restaurant down the street. Little did I know, I wore the exact outfit the wait staff was wearing. Your basic blue plaid shirt and dark jeans. I was super embarrassed, but didn’t want to seem too embarrassed since we had just started dating. Lindsay jokingly asked “do you want to leave?” and I quickly said yes…. The next restaurant we went to was outside and I end up having an allergy attack from all the pollen in the air. My eyes were basically swollen shut and I couldn’t stop blowing my nose.

Any special ways you incorporated your family or family history into your wedding day?

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, we had to cut our original guest list of 240 down to about 120 people. In order to include people, we did a live stream of our wedding ceremony so that people who weren’t there in person could still be a part of our day. Justin Peay and his crew did such an amazing job with the live stream!

What part of your wedding day was/is most important to you?

We are so glad that we did a first look! I had been so calm up until the day of the wedding, and didn’t think I would be nervous at all. However, the morning of the wedding, I started to get those butterflies and anxious feeling in my stomach. Not because I wasn’t ready to marry Mike, but because of all the planning and anticipation leading up to the day. As soon as I saw Mike standing in his tux on the balcony, all of that nervousness faded away. We read each other our handwritten letters and got to spend time together, just the two of us, before all the excitement started. We laughed and hugged, and Mike may have shed a tear or two 🙂 It really was the perfect start to our wedding day!

What is the best thing you’ve learned from one another?

Mike-I’ve learned how to be more caring. Lindsay is always thinking about other people and doing nice things for them. It shows how caring she is, even on a professional level, she has the same caring attitude towards her patients.

Lindsay- Mike is the most easy going and fun-loving person. He always makes me laugh, even when I feel like crying. We went through a lot while we were engaged, from a tree falling on our house and destroying both of our cars, to having to move 3 weeks before our wedding, and he always found a way to make things better when I was stressed out. He has taught me to “not stress the small stuff” and enjoy the little things in life.

What is your favorite thing about each other?

The best thing about being together is how you can completely be yourself around them. All of your weird quirks and the inside jokes; those are things that you don’t have with anyone else in the world. That’s my favorite thing about being with Lindsay.

How would you describe the day?

We were going for a natural and light feel, with light greys and whites being the main colors, as well as lots of greenery and pops of gold. We wanted our guests to feel comfortable at the reception, so we included couches and comfy seating areas around the dance floor. When it came to the food, we didn’t want to limit guests on the options, so buffet including a variety of different foods and sides was important to us. And you can’t go wrong with anything from Bold Catering!

What was your favorite part about planning your wedding?

I really enjoyed working together with my Mom (Helen) and wedding planner (Sofia) to make our vision a reality. My mom has always been very creative, so I let her take the lead on most of the design details. Living out of state, we knew we needed a wedding planner to help with coordination, and Sofia was the perfect addition to our team. Through all of the Facetime meetings, emails, and conference calls, we became friends and had so much fun over the year and half of planning. Sofia is so kind and easy going, and took away all of the stress of planning not only a wedding, but a wedding during a pandemic!

What were your favorite elements or personal touches at the wedding?

Our two dogs, Charlie and Wilson, are members of the family, so we had to include them somehow. We did this by having custom bar signs made with signature drinks for both of the dogs (Little Vine Letter), as well as cut outs of their faces to use in the photo-booth. We also had a caricature made by a friend with Mike, Charlie, Wilson and I and turned them into pictures on toothpicks that were passed out on top of the sliders for a late night snack! Even though they couldn’t be there with us on the wedding day, their faces were sprinkled throughout the reception, so it felt like they were with us 🙂 When it came to dessert, Mike and I aren’t really big cake people, so we were really excited about the custom ice cream sandwich bar! Even though Mike and I were on the dance floor all night and didn’t make it to dessert, everyone kept telling us how great it was. I think it was a huge hit!

What is the most honest thing you can say about love?

Love is about trust and giving yourself completely to each other. You have to communicate and tell each other how you feel without the worry of being judged. Listening and understanding is a huge part of that as well.

Photographer: Dash Photography
Ceremony: Cathedral of Christ the King
Planner: Sofia Ocampo for Chancey Charm Atlanta 
Reception venue: Summerour Studio
Caterer: Bold Catering and Events
Band: The Maxx with ECE
Florist: Rittenhouse Designs
Videographer: Justin Peay
Photo Booth: Stop the Time Photo Booth
Hair/makeup: Brushworx
Transportation: Atlantic
Tabletop Rentals: Jade and Juniper
Furniture rentals: Collection
Invitations/Stationery: Lairsey Paper Co.
Signage: Little Vine Letter
Cake: Cakes by Anna
Stage: Event Works Rental
Wedding gown: White Magnolia
Tuxedos: Men’s Warehouse
Linens: BBJ Linen
Cocktail hour DJ: Ryan Love 
Reception DJ: Sir Foster
Officiant: Fr. David Musso
Wedding Submission Services: Published + Pretty

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