How To Make Your Engagement Ring Stand Out In Pict...

How To Make Your Engagement Ring Stand Out In Pictures

So it happened. You got the engagement ring of your dreams! And, after hours of phone calls, texts and Facebook posts, you finally have a moment to clear your head and start your checklist. One of the first things you’ll want to book is your engagement photography session. And, although these images are all about you and your new fiancee, you’ll want that gorgeous ring looking its absolute best! To help, we’re giving you four tips to make your engagement ring stand out in pictures.

Clean It

Let’s be honest. Pretty much everyone you’ve seen since the proposal has grabbed your hand and gushed over that rock! By the time you make it to your engagement shoot, it might be a bit dirty or at least have some unwanted fingerprints. Not to fear! There are some easy and effective ways to clean your engagement ring with natural products to make it shine and shimmer for your photos.

All you’ll need is hot water, salt, baking soda, dish soap, tin foil and an old toothbrush. After letting your ring soak in the mixture for 10 minutes, take it out and scrub it clean with the toothbrush (there are plenty of online tutorials that will walk you through the exact steps). Not only will your ring be free of smudges, it will also be sanitized! This is a great habit to get into, as cleaning your engagement ring once every few months is recommended.

Choose The Right Outfit

Although diamonds are an extremely versatile stone, the setting that you chose might look better with specific colors or styles. Many jewelers, such as Clean Origin, offer all of their rings in white, yellow and rose gold. Here are some easy tips for choosing an outfit for each of these band colors:

  • If your band is white gold or platinum. Try and find an outfit with rich, deep colors, such as plum, emerald or royal blue. This dress would be the perfect option, as it comes in emerald and wine colors.
  • If your band is yellow gold. Wear an outfit with light pinks, creams or reds. As you’ve probably seen in many wedding pictures on pinterest, gold and pink complement each other extremely well. If you’re looking for a more casual top, this rose gold blouse would be a great pick.
  • If your band is rose gold. Deep blues, black and greys all look phenomenal with rose gold jewelry. Go with a staple and wear your favorite little black dress.

If your ring has very intricate details or metal work, consider a simpler outfit to really make the ring pop. Textures and patterns are fine if your ring is a solitaire with a solid band.

Pick The Best Poses

When you find your photographer, mention to him or her that you’d like some suggestions on poses that will show off your ring. Although they’ll likely have these in their rolodex already, it can be helpful to know some of the poses beforehand to practice. Yes, we know that sounds silly, but hands can be tricky and when they’re zoomed in or the focal point of an image, you want to make sure they don’t look awkward.

Here are a few of our favorite ring-centered poses:

  • Holding hands.
  • Wrap your arms around his neck.
  • Show off that ring!
  • Incorporate a blanket.
  • Hand on his chest.

Make sure that your photographer is also taking note of the position of the ring during the photo shoot. He/she might be the only one that can see how it’s facing compared to the angle of the image. You want to make sure it’s not twisted to the side or hidden in a shadow.

Talk With Your Editor

If your editor is different than your photographer, make sure you schedule a call after your photo shoot to talk details of how you want the images edited. When it comes to the ring, mention that you want the diamond to be bright, but you also want to see the incredible facets of your gorgeous stone! It might not be pertinent for far away pictures, but anything close up will likely need a bit of retouching.

Your engagement photos will be a cherished treasure forever! Follow these helpful tips and your great grandkids will still be oohing and ahhing over your ring fifty years from now!

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