Krysten & Andrew: Maternity Boudoir

Krysten & Andrew are actually expecting their second child, and these photos below are from their first pregnancy. Instead of choosing a traditional maternity session, they decided to do something a little more intimate, and talked below with photographer Shannon Griffin about why they did this and what it means to them in the future. Let’s listen ..

Why did you choose to document your first pregnancy?
I’ll be completely honest, the last thing I wanted to do was get my photo taken while I felt so much bigger than my normal self. However, I knew that I wanted these memories more than my discomfort. It has been almost three years since these photos were taken and they just become more special with each passing milestone.

Why did you decide to include Andrew (your husband)?
There was never another thought. Ever. More than a daddy, Andrew is my partner in everything and I wanted to capture these moments before our world totally changed.

What made you choose to do a more “intimate” type in-home session, as opposed to doing them somewhere else?
We wanted our maternity session to be as true to our character as possible. We are not fussy or staged and wanted to be able to look back at a more raw version of ourselves. Shannon absolutely achieved that in this session. We are now expecting again and looking back at these photos brings back so many special feelings.

How did you decide what to wear and did you have a hard time finding something you thought was beautiful, but still fit you?
The concept of this session was light, airy, and natural. Shannon and I discussed certain shots that were important to me then the wardrobe inspiration fell into place from there. I scoured sale sections of non-maternity stores to find the perfect pieces. I am so glad that Shannon encouraged me to do a boudoir portion to our maternity session. While I got the light and airy photos I envisioned with the gauze nightgown, the simple lingerie set helped to showcase my body and ended up making me feel incredibly beautiful and full of power.

Could you mention some great places to shop for maternity lingerie or robes like you wore?
Free People! The Boho style already lends itself to a pregnant frame and what a better place to find gorgeous boho pieces. Don’t be scared to look at non-maternity places, just be aware of seams that may hit at a weird spot on your waist. Other places that I used to find my wardrobe for this shoot: Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and Target! As for Andrew, we went with a simple tee and waffle-knit pajama pant to keep textures soft.

How far along were you when you did the session and are you happy with the timing?
I was approximately 27 weeks, at the very end of my 2nd trimester. While I thought I may want to be farther along for this shoot, I am so GLAD that fate caused us to schedule during this time.

Would you recommend this type of session to every expecting momma (or momma and partner)?
One-hundred-ten percent! You don’t have to share the more intimate moments with the world (or even your family) but you will be so glad that you have gorgeous snapshots of this time. Take advantage of this vulnerable, yet incredibly magical moment.

Were you nervous?
Yes and no. Pregnancy brought on lots of new lumps and bumps for me, even as soon at 27 weeks. However, I had already been in front of Shannon’s lens and totally trusted that she would make me feel my best. And that she did! We also chose to do this shoot in film which makes your skin just glow.

How did you prepare for your session?
Tried my best to hydrate the week before, curled my hair in the morning, and kept make-up as natural as possible.

Is this something you would do if you were expecting again? If so, what do you think would be different (if at all) about that session?
Yes, yes, yes. We are expecting again and would love to do a similar session to our first maternity shoot. Scheduling and distance are proving to be difficult this time and I may have to give up on my dream of having us all together for this shoot. When you have busy schedules and an active toddler, sometimes you have to be flexible and allow yourself some grace. It just goes to show us just how important it was to do an intimate maternity session the first time around.

Photographer: Shannon Griffin

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