Hawaii Wedding with All White Attire

Today’s Hawaii wedding with guests dressed in all white attire is tropical magic with beauty, fun & family! A stunning celebration held next to the ocean with only beautiful views in every direction you look. The all white attire gave this Hawaii wedding a crisp but tranquil feel, adding such a unique touch to the couple’s day!

Tell us about your wedding flowers.
The flowers stayed on point with the all white theme, with simple touches of tropical and other neutral tones to bring some depth and magic to the moment. We choose to forgo an arch or ceremony arrangement in leui of the gorgeous ocean backdrop and trees!

When the Bride and Groom first came to Hawaii in 2019, they found the venue of their dreams! Little did they know they would have to wait until late 2021 to finally realize it. The couple was cool as cucumbers through the whole process and while they eloped earlier in the year they were able to have their cake and eat it too! Their full affair in Maui was a stunner in a white color palette with a lot of texture and motion. -Taryn Stark Wyant Event Planning and Design

How did you meet?
Evan and I have actually known each other a long time before we ever started dating. Here’s the story, I went to college with one of Evan’s best friend’s down in San Diego from 2002-2006. Evan’s best friend fell in love with my childhood best friend and the rest was history for them; they tied the knot and have three kids now. Because our best friends got together, Evan and I actually met back in 2010 when he returned home to the SF Bay Area (funny enough our paths never crossed during college as he was in college in Buffalo, NY). I only saw Evan on occasion as I lived in LA and he lived in Bay Area, but our lives were intertwined through our best friends. Evan and I always had a flirty friendship, but we never got together. In October 2013 (our wedding date will be exactly 7 years since this), we actually walked down the aisle together at our best friends’ wedding, but it would still take another three years before we got together. In October 2016, I went up to the Bay Area to celebrate his best friend’s birthday. I was single again for about a year after a hard break up and I had just found out Evan was single too. I joked with my best friend I should hook up with him as he’s such a hottie, but I was only joking. Little did I know that night we started hanging out during the birthday party and really the rest was history. We never stopped talking from that point on and we made it official a couple weeks later on October 20, 2016. We were long distance for almost a year and then Evan moved to LA to be with me and then we ultimately moved back to the Bay Area to settle down.

What is your proposal story?
Evan proposed to me on our Europe trip this summer in Rome. We went on the trip with our close friends who are engaged and actually live next door to us. By the time we arrived in Rome from Boston I was sick as a dog. It was clear that I should stay in bed and miss all the sites we had planned for our full day there. I have been to Rome before so while I was bummed to miss the sites, I had seen them. I was more bummed that Evan wasn’t going to go with our friends to see the sites, I even cried and told him he should still go. He decided not to go and instead went to the pharmacy to get me medicine and stayed in the hotel room with me all day. By dinner time, I was stir crazy and felt ok enough to go get dinner across the little cobblestone street. When we came back from dinner, Evan asked me to come to our hotel window that overlooked Rome and he proposed to me there. It was imperfectly perfect. There I was sick, no makeup, in my PJs when he did it, but it was just the two of us, no fan fare, just in the moment. It was very special.

Tell us a little a bit about your wedding.
Our ceremony was very personal; Even though we were already married, we saved our personal vows for this ceremony to state in front of our loved ones. We also had one of our best friend’s officiate, which was extra special knowing how well he knew us individually and as a couple, plus he’s just hilarious and struck the perfect tone between funny and serious. Our reception was absolutely gorgeous and totally our vision of an all white wedding/ethereal/romantic vibe. What made it special was having our son Beckham with us and our closest loved ones present. The speeches from our friends and family were so moving and special to us. And Chris killed the music! We had so much fun dancing with our loved ones. We couldn’t have asked for anymore. All the details were gorgeous, the vibe was spot on and that’s all thanks to Dani, our planner! She absolutely nailed it!

Tell us about your wedding cake.
The wedding cake was gorgeous and decked in whites and neutrals.

Tell us about your attire choices.
I found my wedding Dress at Kinsley James (a couture bridal salon) in Walnut Creek, CA. I had already seen the dress on their IG and requested to try it. It was the first and only shop we went to and it was the first dress I tried on. I knew it was the one instantly.

Do you have any advice for couples planning their weddings now?
Don’t get wrapped up in the details. Trust your planner and enjoy the process and your day. Evan and I never felt stressed about things. I remember feeling particularly calm and relaxed on my special day. Just let the professionals do their job, and be in the moment!

What was the most important to the two of you while planning?
We wanted it to feel like an Intimate celebration of love, everyone coming together like family

What were your favorite parts of the day?
I think just being on the dance floor with everyone enjoying the music and just taking a minute to soak it in and realize our special day was finally here. It was a dream come true and everything we wanted. Sometimes it’s hard to pause and soak it in, but I remember in that moment we did and we were both just so happy.

Photography: Dmitri and Sandra
Ceremony Venue: Wailea Beach Resort Maui
Reception Venue: Wailea Beach Resort Maui
Event Planning: Taryn Stark Wyant Event Planning and Design
Floral: Teresa Sena
Stationery: Pirouette Paper Company
Videography: Story Thru Design
Rentals: Let’s Entertain Maui
Linens: BBJ Linen
Hair: Meili Autumn Beauty
Makeup: Meili Autumn Beauty
Rentals: Set Maui
Rentals: Artisan Events Maui
Linens: Reve Maui
Wedding Dress: Rita Vinieris
Groom’s Attire: Jeffery Campbell
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