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There’s something undeniably magical about destination weddings, and when you combine that with the stunning backdrop of Positano, you have an unforgettable celebration. Today, we’re thrilled to share with you a real wedding which took place on the picturesque rooftop of the Marincanto Hotel. Every moment and detail of this special day was captured beautifully! How did you two meet? What were your first impressions of one another? Andrew and I both went to the University of San Diego and knew each other casually during our first year. During the winter of our second year, the University offered an opportunity for a small group of students to study in Florence, Italy. I desperately wanted to be a part of this adventure and so I signed myself up, and unbeknownst to me, Andrew signed up too. Shortly before we were set to depart, I decided I wasn’t quite ready to step outside my familiar life in San Diego and withdrew from the trip. The following spring, Andrew asked me to dinner and we started dating. I then discovered he had been one of the students in the small group who had traveled to Italy. I truly believe that we were initially meant to really get to know one another on that study abroad trip, and that was part of the reason I was so drawn to Italy for our wedding. Tell us a funny story relating to your wedding day or relationship! We started dating in the spring of our second year. Andrew tutored other students on the side, and in the middle of dinner on our first date, one of them called him for urgent help before a test. I could tell he was mortified! He apologized profusely to me and sent his friend a quick message promising to meet up before the exam. His recognition of the importance of being present in the moment for our time together won me over. We talked for so long that night that we closed down the restaurant, only for him to realize, looking at me with eyes wide as saucers, that he had forgotten his wallet at home — a good way to ensure he got a second date!
Describe a hurdle you had to overcome in your relationship or during your wedding planning. The initial step of figuring out where we wanted to have our wedding took months of research and deliberation. Andrew and I both love the Pacific Coast and priced out quite a few places up and down the coasts of California and Oregon. At the same time, I have dreamed since I was young of getting married abroad, and I eventually realized I was not ready to give that up.

We ultimately selected Italy as the location to exchange our vows to one another in front of our loved ones. To me, Italy was the perfect location as I believe it is where we were originally destined to meet. For me, having the wedding there was a sign of my belief that Italy is where we were meant to begin our relationship.

The locale of our wedding, the Amalfi Coast, is really tied to our wedding planner. In looking for wedding planners, we discovered a true gem in Monica Naclerio of Amalfi Soirée. She has deep local connections with outstanding vendors and venues up and down the Amalfi Coast. We had been looking in a few different locales, but Monica’s connections and vision cemented Positano as the right place for us. She guided us every step of the way. A word of caution: hotels in Positano did not open up reservations until frighteningly close to summer when compared to the norms and timeline of wedding planning in America, and when they do open, they go fast. It all worked out, and the norms in Italy are different than those in America – there are plenty of hotels within walking distance of each other in Positano that larger parties can utilize. Any special ways you incorporated your family or family history into your wedding day? Andrew wrote our ceremony script with help from our celebrant, Carmela Cesarano, and elected to incorporate a nod to family members who were no longer with us during our wedding ceremony, mentioning them by name midway through the ceremony. Carmela did a wonderful job imbuing our ceremony with the emotional weight of such a special moment. What part of your wedding day was/is most important to you? The opportunity for Andrew and I to meet quietly before the ceremony to exchange private vows was the most important part of the day. Marriage is not something we take lightly and the chance to look each other in the eye and commit to one another was really vital.

A close second for us was the time immediately after the ceremony, where we took about an hour as the sun was setting to take photos with each of our guests and enjoy an aperitif and amuse-bouche. The chance to just soak in the moment with everyone and watch the sun set over the coastline was a part of the day I will never forget.
What was your favorite part about planning your wedding? Seeing it all come together when we got to Positano and saw all of our guests was really special. The idea that these people would fly across two continents for us initially made me feel a great responsibility to entertain them. One thing I would note about a destination wedding is that you, as the bride and groom, will feel that weight of responsibility when you see jet-lagged family and friends wandering around the streets of a foreign town. Just remember that simple things like sharing a meal, sharing a drink by the pool or at the bar, or going for a walk together are easy and relaxing ways to give personal attention to your guests. Group activities can be expensive, difficult to plan, and stressful for the bride and groom. Your guests will appreciate getting to spend time with you one-on-one.
What is the best thing you’ve learned from one another? Andrew, I think, would say that I have taught him patience. He has in turn shown me the importance of living in the present and focusing on people rather than career achievements.

We have both worked really hard together to figure out how to face the difficult parts of life together united as teammates as well as learning to enjoy the moments between the milestones.What is your favorite thing about each other? Andrew has said that his favorite thing about me is that I perceive the way he’s feeling before he knows he’s feeling that way. That’s been challenging for me, because if he’s feeling stressed, I just want to help him fix it — but it’s really important for people to work out solutions for themselves. I think he likes that I give him the space to work out a problem for himself, and I know he’ll come to me for help when he needs it.

My favorite thing about Andrew is his playfulness. Life can be dark at times, but his ability to find something light to laugh about with me, even when times are hard, is so important. He has so many qualities which make him my best friend, but this is one of the most significant to me. I must mention one more favorite thing about Andrew because it is difficult to limit to only one! His gentle love for all creatures is extremely inspiring. He has this tremendous talent to provide focus, attention, and commitment in making sure that all beings feel loved and looked after, whether it is spending time with chickens providing food and a clean coop or kneeling to the ground to be on the same level with a dog that’s craving some attention. If you had one piece of advice for other couples, what would it be? The most important things we spent money on were the wedding planner and the photographer. A good wedding planner takes all the stress out of the event and a good photographer is worth their weight in gold.

Planning a wedding thousands of miles away was at first frightening. Being unable to validate the various vendors and items of a wedding such as the venue, flowers, celebrant and more in person initially caused me some apprehension. But having our wedding planner, Monica, guide us through the process reassured us. I also held tight to the belief that even if things weren’t exactly as I envisioned they would be, the cuisine, culture, ambiance, and inherent beauty of the country would create a magical, romantic atmosphere. The inherent magic of this unfamiliar yet beautiful place and the excellent taste of our wedding planner ensured that the whole event would be showstopping from start to finish.

Andrew and I are not inherently good at taking photos together. We can appear posed and uncomfortable in front of the camera. I think a lot of people struggle with this. I looked for a photographer who would be able to capture our essence and the essence of Italy. Jennifer and Salvatore delivered in a way I did not think was possible. Their creativity and spontaneity rubbed off on us in moments when we were feeling a little nervous and resulted in some world-class photos. What is the most honest thing you can say about love? Andrew would say that it’s not easy, but it’s absolutely worth it. Listening to your partner — what they’re saying and what they’re not saying — will save everyone a lot of heartache.

I would say that love is found in all types of moments, and it is so important to be present to experience them all. This wedding was one of the most romantic days of our life and will be cherished in memory forever. I will look at the photos and remember all the emotions brought on by the day. While this day represents a magnificent milestone, I believe the small day-to-day moments shared between Andrew and I will build a lifetime of love and memories.Photographer Lace&Luce
Venue Marincanto Hotel
Stylist/Planner/Designer Amalfi Soirée
Floral Designer Rosalinda Flowers Weddings Lab
Dress Boutique The Bride Room
Dress Designer Monique Lhuillier
Cake Designer Angelo Pasticceria Praiano
Makeup Artist Araceli Acosta Make Up Artist
Hair Stylist Piero Mansi
Rentals Allestimenti Le Rose
Stationery Amalfi Soirée
Celebrant Carmela Italy Wedding Celebrant
Live Painter Vittorio Abbate

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