Fairy Wedding with Acrobats

Jinlin and Anna’s Fairy wedding with acrobats was held in Miami but the images makes it feel like we stepped into a beautiful far away destination! The design was bright and exuberant, with a color palette of apricot, various purples, pinks and white, it was a day filled with cheerful energy. Anna had a fashionable outfit change and acrobats entertained guest at the reception!

When you hear about Miami, it’s easy for everyone to think about the palm trees, beaches and seaside city or the bustling downtown. In fact, there are many mysterious beauties in Miami waiting to be explored. This is the second time I came to Miami, thanks to my couple Anna and Jinlin for inviting us from San Francisco, California to capture their romantic wedding. Only to discover the place they are getting married is truly a hidden gem and a heaven as the name sounds, “Patch of Heaven Sanctuary”.  As good as the name sounds, its Butterfly House, Koi Pond, and waterfalls truly gives the airy feel of a forest from heaven. This is the perfect place to fall in love for those who loves nature to their heart. They say rain is a lucky sign on a wedding day. Though it rained during the first look, we were lucky to witness Anna and Jinlin’s ceremony under the wedding tree. While photographing and drenching in the rain was challenging, but every seconds of their lovely moment under the tree was worth flying 3,000 across the states to be captured.

There are many popular venues in Miami, one of which are Vizcaya Museum. No doubt Vizcaya Museum is a popular destination venue for many vendors, but something about Patch of Heaven Sanctuary gives a different and mysterious forest vibe. When asked of Anna on why they chose this “Heaven” as their wedding spot, she said it was because the environment feels more unique and remains mysterious to her. This wedding holds a special place in my heart as it was not a typical traditional wedding from what I have captured. There were many surprises such as circus performances, Miami like parties, small animals from every corners, etc. But that is not all, with guests traveling afar internationally with moments in tears of happiness from families and friends embracing one another, really left me a heartfelt impression of an international wedding. -Vivi Lin Photography

How did you two meet? What were your first impressions of one another? We met through common friends. We all went to the same university, but we’re in different majors. It was March 2020, our university was on lockdown because of Covid. We had nothing to do during Covid time, and only the bubble milk tea store was open, so our friends and us used to race cars there and hangout. My husband is Chinese and everyone knew he was interested in European girls, and I’m a European girl was interested only in an Asian man. So our friends made us get closer. First impressions of one another.
Jinlin – “she is so cute, beautiful”
Anna – “I dislike his hair style and he is chubby, but I think he is cool and adventurous”
Tell us a funny story relating to your wedding day or relationship! Relationship – both of us hate onions, that sometimes we tell people we have allergy. My wife loves garlic, but I hate it so much. After she eats garlic, we don’t kiss for a day.

Wedding – my husband loved the wedding so much, his friends got him drunk at the end of the wedding. However after the wedding is the funny and messy story. My husband lost his house key, passed out, no response and we all went to my parents home. 10 people helped carry my husband to my home. One of our friend lost his car keys, 2 hours later we found it. My husband lost his phone, 2 hours later also found it.

What is your favorite thing about each other? Jinlin – “That she is so cute, that she is so kind, I like her food, she is very friendly and has good reputation, very smart, organized, she takes good care of me.”
Anna – “he is stylish, cool, adventurous, fun, funny, adorable, his friends say only positive things about him, he is always there for me, knows how to make me happy, and he tries his best to watch scary movies with me.”

What part of your wedding day was/is most important to you? The ceremony was most important because we wrote vows and were reading theme to each other. Exchanging rings, and making it official to everyone that we are now married. Describe a hurdle you had to overcome in your relationship or during your wedding planning. My husbands father didn’t accept me for 3 years because I wasn’t Chinese and coming from a humble family. He did not want to come to our wedding. But after he came to visit us, and we start living with each other, getting know each other, he accepted me. He came to our wedding in Miami, and also decided to do a second wedding in China. Because my husband was working a lot, he did not participate in planning the wedding. I was not working, and had more free time to plan everything. I met with all the vendors, and decided everything myself.

What is the best thing you’ve learned from one another? Jinlin – “To be a gentleman, to love you, to be loved, taking care of myself, better hair style, skin care, dress better, started liking cats.”
Anna – “learning horse ridding,  family business, learning Chinese, to dress more beautiful, to be a lady, to love you and to be loved by you.” What was your favorite part about planning your wedding? My friend helped me with cake tasting. It was fun because we tasted 10 flavors and had to do a review of each one. We ate a lots of calories. I also loved choosing flowers with meaning to it. My florist is my event planner, we did everything together, it was exciting.

If you had one piece of advice for other couples, what would it be? Communication is very important and understanding each other. Because you are two different individuals, from different backgrounds. When you fall in love with each other, personality, humor, hobbies, all need to be taken into account.

What is the most honest thing you can say about love? Love is family. You and your partner need to understand that if your relationship is very serious, that’s when you want to spend the rest of your life with each other and age together. When you know you cannot find and don’t want to find anyone better. When you are so comfortable with each other, you want to become a better version of yourself. Photographer Vivi Lin
Venue The Patch of Heaven Sanctuary
Stylist / Planner / Designer Two Gardenias by Mary
Floral Designer Two Gardenias by Mary
Cake Designer Etcakes Bakery
hair and Makeup Artist Assel Beauty
Mens Formalwear Saint Laurent
Rentals Veronica’s Party Rental   + MPE Event group
Stationery paper boutique


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