Charleston Valentine’s Day Wedding

Charleston Valentine’s Day Wedding

Today we are sharing a beautiful Charleston Valentine’s Day wedding from a couple that has such a fun story! With a stunning design, details that give classic Charleston style, Valentine’s Day wedding date & a celebration located in the south’s most well known gem, the day was truly flawless!

Any special ways you incorporated your family or family history into your wedding day? From Kate’s Perspective: “On the day of our wedding, Mike’s mother came into the bridal suite. At that point, I was shaking like a leaf. She put a hand on my shoulder and handed me a blue handkerchief from her late mother saying “here you go- something blue!” Throughout the rest of that day, I used the crap out of that handkerchief. It was so special to have a piece of Mike’s family to save my makeup that day!” How did you two meet? What were your first impressions of one another? “It was a Thursday night at Colgate when Mike saw Kate walk through the door of a crowded bar wearing a red dress. When Mike offered to buy Kate a drink (from an open bar) Kate responded “Nice turtle tie, but I can get my own drink.” Mike knew he had found the one and the rest is history.”

What part of your wedding day was/is most important to you? From Mike’s perspective “I knew Kate was going to be nervous the entire morning leading up to the wedding. So despite all of the different errands or tasks that had to be done beforehand, I made sure I found time to do something small for Kate that would make her laugh and deflate some of the anxiety she was feeling. We got married on Valentine’s Day so that morning I stopped by a store and bought all of the quintessential Valentine’s Day items. A sappy card, a box of heart shaped chocolates, a dozen roses and a stuffed sloth that said, “wanna hang” – Kate loves puns. When we were getting ready in our own areas of the house, I had my best man give all the things to Kate’s made of honor. It may not have calmed all of her nerves, but for a minute, it was less about the wedding and just the two of of us being young and in love. So for the future husbands out there, remember, the most important thing you can do on your wedding day is remind your significant other that no matter how big the day, it’s still just the two of you.”

What is your favorite thing about each other? Kate: “My favorite thing about Mike is his sense of humor. I never have to do any ab exercises because Mike’s jokes keep my 2 pack nice and strong.”

Mike: “Her empathy and how Kate can connect with other people. Before meeting Kate, I was emotionally shallow and had a hard time understanding people beyond the surface. Being empathetic is not easy because it requires vulnerability, which is not a trait often associated with the rearing of men in our culture. It took Kate a long time to reach me on an emotional level and it is something I am constantly working on. But I thank God everyday for bringing me to Kate because I wouldn’t be able to experience the full breadth of life without her.”

If you had one piece of advice for other couples, what would it be? “Communicate. There are going to be many times during the wedding planning process and beyond where you are going to be presented with decisions, big or small, that you both have strong feelings about. Add in some in-laws, their opinions and those feelings will double. Some times as individuals we do not feel comfortable saying how we truly feel or we believe not saying it will benefit our significant other. However, you cannot be afraid to say how you really feel and you both have to be open to listening to one another. That is the only way you will ever truly know your wife or husband. It is also the only way you are going to be able to avoid the big blowups. Loss of communication creates space and space over time creates loss in romanticism, trust and even love. So communicate, every day. Always be transparent because when everything is out in the open, then you can both work on it together, and that will bring you closer.”

“Mike and Kate’s meeting story is summed up in one sentence: “A girl wearing a red dress was walking through a bar.” Mike knew the moment he saw Kate that she was something special. They were attending Spring Fling at their school, Colgate University, where there was an open bar. Mike saw Kate (and the red dress) and asked if he could buy her a drink—that very Mike sense of humor caught Kate’s attention from the start and the rest was history. They were engaged on Valentine’s Day of 2019 and thought it would be amazing to make that their very own holiday by also getting married on Valentine’s Day of 2020.

The day was flawless and full of happiness and joy, a huge reflection on the couple. Mike and Kate got married under a floral arch (oh, that floral arch!) overlooking the Ashley River and Mike’s father, Ernie, officiated the ceremony. From the fun the wedding party had getting ready that morning, to Kate’s ceremony arrival in a Rolls Royce, to the end of the night’s beautiful sparkler exit, it was a wedding for the books from beginning to end! All of the couple’s favorite people came to Charleston for their big day and every moment was a celebration of this wonderful, fun couple.”  – Alex Thornton Photography

Tell us a funny story relating to your wedding day or relationship! From Mike’s Perspective: “We got married on a very windy day and had a venue on the water. During the ceremony, Kate’s veil fell off 2x. When it started falling the 3rd time, I grabbed it off her head and tossed it to her bridesmaids. She wasn’t happy about it on the day that it happened, but it is something that we can laugh about now!”

What is the most honest thing you can say about love? “Love is an actionable state of being. In loving each other, Michael and I have both made room within ourselves to adopt parts of the other. Those communal parts have not only made us better partners for one another, but have also enhanced and completed us as individuals. True, honest, active love feels like coming home to a house full of chores that you can’t wait to tackle- like walking across a trapeze and seeing the safety net ready to catch you below- the solid foundation upon which the two of you will manifest your dream life. We have found it to be true that love grows and gets better with time- but this is only possible through compromise, constant communication, highs, lows, and a ton of hard work. The most honest thing we can say about love: it is a gift not everyone receives. If it finds you- you are truly blessed. Hold tight and don’t let go.”

What was your favorite part about planning your wedding?
From Kate’s Perspective: “2 years ago, we visited Charleston on a whim and fell in love with the city. The night we got engaged, I looked at Michael and said “we have to do it in Charleston!” Immediately, he smiled and said “where else?” It was never even a discussion (which we have heard is not the case for most couples). Over the course of our engagement, we flew to Charleston whenever we could. On these trips, we took long walks on King street- hand in hand, ate dozens of Oysters at the Darling, practiced our fake Southern accents, and drank (too much). We toured countless old houses, gardens, and plantations before we found the one that was just right. Riding the high of engagement, these trips to Charleston were without a doubt the best part of planning our wedding. On our honeymoon, we promised each other that we would try to visit every Valentines Day and reread our vows. Our long- term goal is to retire there one day- the place where our journey began.”

Photographer Alex Thornton / Venue Lowndes Grove / Stylist / Planner / Designer Erica Peper / Floral Designer Fresh Weddings & Events / Dress Boutique Winne Couture – Chicago / Dress Designer Winnie Couture / Cake Designer PPHG Charleston / Makeup Artist Silhouette on Site / Hair Stylist Silhouette on Site / Men\’s Formalwear The Black Tux / Rentals EventWorks / Accessories / Decor EventWorks / Film Lab Indie Film Lab / DJ Darby Events / Videographer Hart 2 Heart Media / Invitation Zola / Tent Snyder Events / Chandeliers Lowcountry Entertainment

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