Submission Questionnaire – Couple

Dear couple,

We are so excited to be featuring your story on The White Wren! Since we love to focus on the relationship aspect of your story, as well as all of the pretty images, we’d love for you to share some personal insight about this journey you both are on together.

To the right are ten questions to help guide your thoughts. We only ask for you to answer at least four, but if you would like to fill out more, we would love to hear from you!

Look for your feature soon on our blog!

The White Wren Team

We are trying something new to have our readers connect with your story on a personal level! We would absolutely LOVE if you would record a short, 15 second vertical video on your cell phone, saying who are you and where you’re from, and why you are excited to be featured on The White Wren for our Instagram story the day of your feature! (you can make several 15 second videos if you’d like!) Email it to us at using at the same time you complete this questionnaire, along with your Instagram usernames and we will tag you! Thank you!

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